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Western Pennsylvania ARES will begin an HF digital training net starting Sunday Feb 10.  This new net will alternate with our existing VHF/UHF net with the following schedule:

1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 8PM: 147.195 (PL 131.8) and 443.45 (PL 100) repeaters in New Castle and Pittsburgh and the W3YJ-R Echolink node.

2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 8PM:  3.583 MHz with a waterfall center frequency of 1500 Hz.  Initial mode will be 8/500 Olivia.  We may switch to MT63-500 or MT63-1000 for bulletins depending upon conditions and length of bulletins.  Once we're comfortable with operating an HF net and master the basics we will start experimenting with the new high-speed modes and Flamp.

5th Sunday of the month (our Blue Moon scenario): haven't decided yet.

I will be monitoring the 147.195/443.45 repeaters and the W3YJ-R Echolink node during the HF net, so if you have problems or need assistance you can give me a call.  I will publish the HF net procedures sometime before the first net, but it will not be very different from any other HF net.  I see no reason to reinvent the wheel.

We want our focus to be on Western Pennsylvania and we don't want to be overwhelmed, so we will not be accepting checkins from out-of-state on our HF net.  We will accept checkins from Eastern PA but we won't go out of our way to encourage EPA participation.

If you check into the HF net, please prepare in advance a message to transmit during the net.  We want this to be a net where we all practice sending traffic not just learn how to check in.  I find "check in" nets where the primary activity consists of checking in to be boring and not very useful as a training exercise.

Please join the wpaares-digital Yahoo group if you're interested in these nets.  Also feel free to email me with any questions.


Harry Bloomberg W3YJ

Assistant SEC, Western PA ARES

[email protected]

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